KPD officer charged in shooting

A Kingsland police officer who was involved in a fatal on-duty shooting last week has been charged with voluntary manslaughter and violating his oath of office. The investigation is ongoing.

Zechariah Presley turned himself into the Camden County Sheriff’s Office Wednesday after the Georgia Bureau of Investigation obtained warrants for his arrest. KPD placed Presley on administrative leave after the incident and fired him on Wednesday.

The arrest comes a week after Tony Marcell Green, 33, died after a brief altercation with Presley that resulted in Green being shot multiple times, according to GBI. 

At about 10:42 p.m. June 20, Presley was following a vehicle near the intersection of Lily and North East streets in downtown Kingsland. The car stopped at an intersection and Green, who was driving, and a passenger jumped out of the car and ran away. Presley ran after Green and there was a physical altercation, then Green fled again and Presley fired his gun.

GBI agents and the district attorney met with Green’s family on June 22 to share their preliminary findings in the case and said the evidence was still being examined.

“The GBI has reviewed video from the officer’s patrol car and video from the officer’s body camera,” GBI said in release June 22. “Efforts are being made to enhance the video for a clearer view of the events that occurred. In addition, the GBI is awaiting processing of evidence at the GBI Crime Lab in Savannah, which includes autopsy findings. The videotape, as well as other information about the case, is not being released at this time because it may affect the ongoing investigation.”

Community rally held

As people began reacting to Green’s death last week, Pastor Mack Knight organized a rally on June 21 to encourage community members to not lash out in anger and wait to see what the GBI says.

“The community rallied together yesterday to seek answers and ultimately justice,” Knight said Friday. “… We’re better than this, so let’s have community peaceful rally to give them hope and encouragement, calm down and give the GBI time to do their due diligence.”

More than 160 people came out and Knight believes they received his message well.

“We’re trying to keep it very peaceful. That’s my prayer and hope,” Knight said. “… I really think they took it to heart. I saw people afterward hugging. People were consoling each other. I saw whites and blacks, hugging, kissing, fist bumping each other. I told everyone to look at someone and say, ‘I love you and there’s nothing that you can do about it.’”

Knight said he left feeling that Kingsland will live up to its designation as Lovetown USA.

“Despite this tragedy, we’re still going to show love,” he said.

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