SMPD officer bitten by dog at call

A St. Marys police officer suffered a dog bite this morning while responding to a report of three aggressive dogs by St. Marys Middle School.

Officer Ian Dent was bit twice on the inside of his upper left thigh near his femoral artery and returned to work after his injuries were treated, according to a St. Marys Police Department release.

At about 7:52 a.m. today, SMPD officers answered a call that three dogs were preventing two women from walking down the sidewalk near the school. Dent spoke with the two women and learned that one had been knocked down by one of the dogs before the dogs went into a nearby neighborhood.

Dent and SMPD Chief Tim Hatch found the dogs. As they were trying to speak with the next door neighbor, the dogs came into the neighbor’s driveway. The neighbor shooed off two dogs and the third attacked Dent, biting his leg.

Dent backed up and tried several times to hit and kick the dog who continued attacking. Dent pulled his gun and shot the dog once in the neck and shoulders. The dog stopped attacking and the other two dogs returned to their home.

Camden County animal control officers picked up the dog who was euthanized due to the severity of its injuries.

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