Tribune & Georgian introduces Camden Marketplace

The Tribune & Georgian is introducing an exciting new local digital component to its readers and advertisers with the launch of an online digital business directory, Camden Marketplace.

Camden Marketplace is the Tribune & Georgian’s answer to the request of its customers to provide a digital companion to the newspaper’s traditional print and website advertising. Camden Marketplace provides a print, digital, social media and online searchability boost to local businesses.

“As people opt more and more for quick searches on their cellphones or laptops, rather than traditional telephone directories, it is increasingly important to establish a strong online presence and high search ranking for your business or organization,” said Jill Helton, editor/publisher of the Tribune & Georgian. “We think Camden Marketplace combines the benefits of print and digital marketing in a way that we have not seen before.”

Camden Marketplace is mobile-friendly, social media-connected, searchable and has full mapping capability through Google Maps.

“It’s all about connecting consumers with the local businesses and organizations that they want to know more about,” Helton added. 

Included in the investment of a print ad, Tribune & Georgian advertisers get a free business profile on Camden Marketplace that contains the business’ website, social media links, address and phone number, photo and an information/business description paragraph. The advertiser’s print ad is also displayed with the business profile on Camden Marketplace. Every page view of Camden Marketplace helps boost the business’ ranking on search engines like Google, improving the business’ reach and digital access. The advertiser’s print ad can also be shared on their social media platforms.

Camden Marketplace is also linked to Nassau Marketplace in Nassau County, Fla., expanding its reach. This means readers and potential customers throughout Nassau and Camden counties will see an advertiser’s digital profile and print ad. 

Log on to and click on the Camden Marketplace button at the top right of our home page. Browse the categories and check out all of the local businesses and their special offers.

Those who wish to advertise in the Tribune & Georgian and Camden Marketplace may email or contact their account representative.

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