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Update: Casey told officers he stabbed victim

Camden law enforcement officers began investigating a Kingsland man who has been charged with murder after a woman called 911 and said he’d led her to believe that he had hurt someone.

Charles Dennis Casey, 35, was arrested Monday morning for allegedly killing Brandi Michelle Nanan. He is being held without bond in the Camden jail.

On Sunday, May 7, a caller told 911 that Casey had come to her house and said he’d “done something bad,” according to the arrest warrant.

“He admitted that he had used cocaine and ‘dab’ and that he was a monster and he snapped,” the warrant reads. “… Mr. Casey told (her) that he committed the ultimate sin and he was going to hell.”

Casey left the woman’s house, then came back several hours later and went to sleep. While he was asleep, the woman searched his truck. She found an identification card that belonged to Nanan, what she believed to be blood on a water bottle and a pair of jeans with a reddish-brown stain.

Kingsland police officers called Nanan but didn’t reach her. They did speak with her grandmother who said she hadn’t spoken to Nanan in a few days and she may have been driving a rental car.

In the early morning hours of Monday, Camden County Sheriff’s Officer investigator Erica Rafferty responded and spoke with the complainant who said Casey was in the house. As he was being taken to KPD for questioning, Rafferty noticed injuries on Casey’s face and a set of keys was found in his pocket .

“When asked if the keys belonged to him, he stated ‘Yes but I want to talk to a lawyer before I say anything about it,’” according to the warrant.

The keys had a tag with a vehicle identification number that came back as a rental car when ran through NCIC.

At KPD, Casey asked to speak to his mother who was called to the station and talked with him, then he told officers that he needed an attorney. Without prompting, he volunteered the location of Nanan’s body, drawing a map for officers and saying that her car was parked at the movie theater and that he had stabbed her at Nancy Drive and Borrell Boulevard in St. Marys.

Officers found Nanan's body midday Monday under branches in a wooded area near U.S. 17 in Yulee, Fla. She had several cuts to her throat.    

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